Where in the world wide web are you?

That’s the #1 question.

People ask “do you have a business card?”, scan it quickly and then ask “what’s your website?…”.


The rest of the world looks for you the same way you look for them, on search engines. People search differently than in the past. A search results page today comes up with links to blogs, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds and articles or how to documents.

SEO and SEM accomplishes putting information on your website that people are searching for, and then putting that information where people are looking.

A great website design then takes that traffic and accomplishes your conversion goals. I build website with WordPress using the Genesis Framework. Don’t know what that means? No worries I speak Geek so you don’t have to. I will build you a website that looks great, works on all mobile phones and tablets and works well in search results!

My name is Herb Trevathan and this is my website.

I belong to the Association of Web Design ProfessionalsSEO Certification.org, and a few online communities related to my field.

I am a Certified SEO Professional.I currently hold and maintain every certification available from SEO Certification.org (since 2008).I am an expert WordPress Developer and I specialize in coding.

I used to program custom engine and chassis management systems for racing cars which were computer based. Mostly making changes based on various performance reports, sometimes adding new upgraded hardware or replacing parts to get the job done.

Today I do freelance web work. Now I think of myself as a Website mechanic. You pull up to my web shop, tell me what you need done…and I do it. It’s that simple. Just the same as my old days most customers want custom modifications, better performance or usability.

I run an online directory for profit. I also do writing, SEO, content marketing and ghost blogging for select clients.

I do white label work. White Label stuff is work for agencies or designers who need me to discretely build out what they want. Sometimes I sign and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and sometimes it is just understood that I am not to promote what I have done for them and leave them with their pants down in front of their client.

I work with the public also just use the contact page or email herbtrevathan@gmail.com to get started….

I am primarily good at problem solving and fixing code. I make the unresponsive, responsive and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s work togetherFill Out the Contact Form and tell me in your own words…how I can help you.


Contact Me Today and let’s work together to get you better results!