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Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop - Why Stainless Steel Is Simply The Best Material

A spoon should do well to scoop a good dollop of your favorite ice cream. Unfortunately, if your ice cream is quite frozen, you might have to exert incredibly stronger pressures to cut through the block of ice cream. As such, an ice cream scoop is needed. Many ice cream parlors including individuals and families prefer a stainless steel scoop over plastic and aluminum scoops. While some might think that it is more of a personal preference, there is some science to the choice of stainless steel ice cream scoops as the best type of metal ice scoop to use.

Let us look at the other types first so you can understand why stainless steel is simply the best.

Plastic scoops are cheap and are primarily manufactured made of heavy-duty polypropylene. While some would consider PP plastics as generally safe as they do not leach chemicals into your ice cream, there are still those that believe it will eventually leak these chemicals into your food and into the air. Why? Well, for starters, plastic is not as durable as metallic stainless steel and aluminum ice cream scoopers. When you try to dig it into a frozen ice cream, some plastic ice cream scoops have been known to crack upon contact with the sub-zero temperatures of the ice cream surface. Sure, they are cheap. But, will they last a lifetime?

A better alternative is aluminum. However, they do not handle very well when in contact with abrasives. Even so-called anodized aluminum ice cream scoops do tend to degrade over time. While you may not see it rusting as you may expect to see from a cast iron scoop, the changes in the aluminum structure occurs at the atomic or molecular level. Scooping ice cream can degrade the chemical composition of aluminum over time. If the aluminum ice cream scoop is uncoated then you can expect it to get damaged by simple dishwashing. Oh, by the way, an aerospace-grade aluminum may look sexy and sound sophisticated but its all a marketing blabber.

These issues are solved by a stainless steel ice cream scoop. That is why in the kitchen, stainless steel is the preferred material simply because of its durability and excellent molecular characteristics. Additionally stainless steel ice cream scoopers are heavier than plastic and aluminum. Some may find this a bit troubling but there is a reason why a heavier scoop is better. The weight of the scoop will help in driving it against the surface of the hardened ice cream. So, you will not have to exert all of your might in cutting through the ice cream. Furthermore, stainless steel is dishwasher safe so cleaning is a lot easier without the danger of scraping or abrading its surface and leaching out chemicals into the environment and into your ice cream.

Many ice cream parlors (who use commercial ice cream scoops) and ice cream lovers use stainless steel ice cream scoops because they are very durable and dishwasher safe. And if you already have a good set of stainless steel utensils in your kitchen, it wont hurt to add another.


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