iOS7 and your website

As technology makers increasingly try to blur the lines between reality and tech the ability to maintain interest in your website is essential.

I was underwhelmed with the new user interface of iOS7, but I still recognize the need to keep up appearances…

Could your website’s design be driving people away?

People are increasingly using their phones to browse the web and do many things. This might seem like it has little or nothing to do with your website. Aside from your website needing to work without errors on tablets and phones there is still an unspoken rule in place with regard to your website’s design.

It is only common sense that if people get used to a level of appearance and functionality when using their phone, that they will notice when that level of usability drops. Your website could be that sharp contrast for them and cause them to judge your website too harshly.

Think about it in terms of food. When you go out to eat, you eat with your eyes first. If your website looks dated or lacks modern functionality users are likely to simply lump you into a category of websites they do not like. When you see food presented poorly you flash through memories of other food that looked better. At that moment the food which at first was not impressive in appearance now has an uphill battle to get your approval. Even further if you are going to share that experience online via check-in or recommendation to others. Everyone and everything involved gets affected too. You begin looking at the service and the restaurant through filters with the forethought “this not gonna be good”.

So is your website being current a good thing? Does it still matter if you’re not a technology provider? That is up to you since visitors will show up as missing and just not feel like contacting you. They certainly won’t bother to reach out and let you know that they felt underwhelmed with your websites appearance and went elsewhere. You simply will never know.

IOS 7 Screenshots

Below are some screenshots of the new iOS taken on my iPad, if you have a smart phone just use it and pay attention to how it works. Then go to your website on a tablet or phone and contact me if you felt underwhelmed with your website’s user experience.

read more about iOS7 here

Screenshots of IOS 7 on a Retina iPad:


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